Monday, October 1, 2012


The floors in our house tend to accumulate an unacceptable quantity of dirt regardless of how often we vacuum. I like to walk around barefoot everywhere, so I’m often tracking in grit and dust from the garage and backyard. Cleaning isn’t difficult, but pulling out the vacuum and making a chore of it is a significant barrier.

What if cleaning was a more continuous process, balancing the influx of dirt to keep things at an acceptable level of clean?

The standard solution here is to get some kind of roomba vacuuming robot, but these things get in the way and are inelegant because of their difficulties cleaning the corners where most of the detritus ends up.

We think it would be interesting to integrate a cleaning system into the home to the same degree that a central heating, plumbing, or electrical systems are. Integration improves efficiency.

What if a vacuum disposal system was integrated into every room?

We first imagined the bottom edges of the walls in every room being recessed, with suction pulling any material up and away to a collection container. You could get into an unobtrusive habit of constantly brushing/kicking/sweeping detritus to the edges of the room. However, the vacuum power necessary to generate sufficient air pressure and velocity along such lengths would be prohibitive.

But it might just work if only the corners, where dust naturally collects, of every room in the house were vacuum enabled.

Clogging would be a concern; since the system is integrated into the house, it would be important to have access points to effectively service it. For instance, it could be installed in a panel in the baseboards that can be opened to clear out clogs, if necessary.

Using this system could be as simple as flipping a switch in the room when enough detritus has gathered in the corner that a user notices it. When the spring-cleaning impulse really strikes, a mop or broom could always be employed to really work through an area, and the flip of a switch would finish the job off.

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